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2016 summer internship at IIJ Innovation Institute's Research Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan

(Last updated: 2016-2-1)

Submission Closed

Application for the 2016 summer program was closed.


IIJ Innovation Institute (IIJ-II) Research Laboratory conducts advanced research and technology development on the Internet. The researchers, strongly collaborating with the WIDE Project, were long involved in IPv6 standardization and its BSD stack implementation (KAME project), published well known national Internet traffic measurements and analysis for the last years (MAWI project), and endeavored to establish a securer interdomain routing protocol, to experiment with ecological data centers as well as cloud services.

We are looking for motivated interns who can work with us to accelerate our projects by researching problems, proposing solutions, implementing tools, making various simulations, and so on. By joining us, you can get high quality experience in our research laboratory, can communiate with forefront researchers, have time to discuss with other qualified interns which will be all benefit to your future carrier plan.

Compensation and Working Environment

IIJ-II will pay its interns a competitive wage and provide a comfortable research environment with abundant opportunities to gain IT focused R&D experience.

  • Wage: 250,000JPY/Month (social security expenses and taxes will be subtracted depending on your work contracts)
  • Travel expense is provided
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Period: 2 months (negotiable depending on the schedule of your Univ.)
  • Accommodation is provided if it is difficult to commute
  • Insurance: Workers' accident compensation insurance (Travel and off-time accident insurance are not covered, we strongly suggest you to prepare them by yourself)

Administrative Details

  • Candidates should be university students (university registration holding for the duration of the internship) with a strong motivation toward research. See project details for the technical expertise required for a specific project.
  • Summer internship for a duration of 2 months in IIJ-II Reasearch Laboratory.
  • To apply for an intern position, send the following documents to internship@iij.ad.jp.
    • CV
    • A cover letter explaining your interest in the job
    • The project name you are interested in
    If available, please send the following documents as well.
    • A letter of recommendation
    • Your recent published papers
    We will hold face-to-face or remote interviews with applicants before taking a final decision.
  • Application must be submitted by the end of January 2016. The notification date is the end of February. Application for the summer program was closed.
  • If you have any questions, please send a message to internship@iij.ad.jp.

Available Projects

Traffic Measurement and Data Analysis


It is essential for IIJ to understand recent trends in customer traffic.

We will provide an internship student an opportunity to work on a small measurement project, possibly using real-world datasets from IIJ's services, in order to provide practical feedback to IIJ's services.

Possible topics are:

  • development of traffic visualization tools (e.g., for multi-dimensional traffic time-series or for video streaming quality)
  • development of algorithms to provide compact summary information of large-scale traffic data
  • development of tools to collect and analyze behaviors of HTTP video streaming clients (e.g., MPEG-DASH implementations)
  • analysis of video streaming traffic behaviors (e.g., differences in video segment fetching strategies)
  • analysis of cyber threats in traffic datasets (e.g., identifying certain types of threats)
  • development of monitoring tools for large-scale measurement platforms (e.g. detect outages or identify physical topology from traceroute datasets)
  • analysis of syslog messages for finding possible threats or misbehaviors


We are looking for a graduate student for a two-month-long full-time internship. Candidates should have good skills in computer networking, UNIX systems, and programming as well as oral and written communication skills in English.

For data analysis, skills in machine learning techniques and knowledge of statistics are also required.

To complete a project in two months, a candidate should have substantial experiences in the selected research topic.

Host Researcher

Internet Routing


The objective of the internship is to provide interns with opportunities to develop and enhance Internet routing protocols.

Among the possible topics are

  • the mining of big data, such as the detection and correlation of control and data plane events
  • the development of tools to identify protocol deployment or routing implementation issues
  • the study and evaluation of routing protocol extensions
  • building a testbed to see that a router correctly performs RPKI-Based Origin Validation
  • work on medium scale, O(1000) routers, simulation of BGPsec deployment
  • secure measurement of network performance

The intern will receive support and feedback from IIJ Research Laboratory along the way.


We are looking for a graduate student in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering to complete a two month full-time internship. Candidates should be competent in networking (IPv4, IPv6, TCP), UNIX systems, and C/C++ or python programming. Knowledge of IP routing protocols (BGP, OSPF, IS-IS) would be a plus. In addition to the above, candidates should have strong practical and problem-solving skills, the ability to independently produce high quality work, and good English oral and written communication skills.

Host Researcher

Network System Automatic Control


The objective of the internship is to provide interns with opportunities to research and develop network system management technologies to implement Service Defined Infrastructure(SvDI). Intern will chose one of following topics:

  • Automatic management controller for network resource
  • Network resource database
  • Automatic location algorithm for defined service
  • The Interface between Service definition and resource controller


We are looking for a graduate student in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering to complete a two month full-time internship. All candidates should be competent in networking, UNIX system, and C/Java/python programming. Knowledge of network management, server management would be a plus. In addition to the above, candidates should have strong practical and problem-solving skills, the ability to independently produce high quality work, and good Japanese or English oral and written communication skills.

Host Researcher

Cloud Infrastructure


The main objectives of the internship program is to provide an opportunities to research and develop for the "energy efficient cloud computing platform" that include Data Center technologies. Interns will chose one of the following research area:

  • software controlable datacenter
  • cloud orchestrator + datacenter
  • software defined data center facility
  • visualization, human computer interaction, operation support system for massive scale datacenters
  • other related research areas (decided with the presentation by the internship participant)


We are looking for a graduate student in Computer Science or equivalent to complete a two month full-time internship. Candidates should be competent in Unix operating systems (*BSD and/or linux), having the experience of the userland programming development on them. (The programming language is not restricted: but python, ruby, C and javascript expert is very welcome)

Host Researchers



The objective of the internship is to provide interns with opportunities to develop HTTP/2 related tools.

Among the possible topics are:

  • Developing test tools for HTTP/2 browsers
  • Developing performance benchmark tools for HTTP/2 servers and browsers
  • Developing measurement tools for HTTP/2 traffic
  • Developing visualization tools for HTTP/2 traffic
  • Developing algorithms to adjust HTTP/2 traffic


We are looking for a student in Computer Science or equivalent to complete a two month full-time internship. Candidates should be be competent in network programming in C or Go or Haskell.

Host Researcher

Virtual Machine Operation Management

The objective is to design and develop scalable virtual machine operation management tools and systems.

Possible topics are:

  • developing a cloud controller system
  • developing a status monitoring subsystem based on RFC7666


We are looking for graduate students who have the following knowledge and skills.

  • Knowledge of computer science and networking technology (or equivalent)
  • Skills of programming languages (C, Python, Go)
  • Knowledge and experience of Linux operation

Host Researcher

Messages from Seniors

Daniel Gröber (Year 2015)

I participated in IIJ's internship program in the summer of 2015, working on Haskell development tooling. It was a great experience. Everyone at IIJ is helpful and welcoming, and everyone there speaks English so despite my initial worries there was never any language issue. On top of that there were several others in the program at the time so the weekends weren't boring, and I got to go to a Haskell meet up as well.

It is very easy to get around in Tokyo: the public transport is top notch and the signs are in both Japanese and English. I managed to get from the airport to the office on the first day without any complications whatsoever, even though I had to make two changes. Our apartment building was very good (and had fast internet), and it was air conditioned since it is very hot in Tokyo in summer. Both it and the office were close to the city centre, so it was very easy to get anywhere quickly.

Overall it was a very enjoyable experience and I would definitely do it again.

Kenichi Takagiwa (Year 2015)

In 2015, I am an honor to work in IIJ-II as a summer internship. I worked on analyzing active queue management and explicit congestion notification for HTTP streaming under Kenjiro Cho. This topic is really hot in the research field, and I can tackle real problem with great colleagues and the best environment during summer. IIJ-II has sufficient resources for research. Our mentors are really amazing and kind. We worked close and discussed many things, which include my research in IIJ-II, the principle of research, career, etc. This experience definitely boosts my research skill. One of the advantages of this internship is interaction with not only active researchers but also international students. They have the unique and strong background. I really enjoyed talking about broad topics with them. In addition, We do not need to worry about daily life in Japan, housing, commuting, etc. They arrange everything for you and let you focus on research.

Alessandro Puccetti (Year 2015)

The internship at IIJ-II was great at so many levels: I met very smart people, I worked side by sides with great researchers, I had a lot of fun, and I experienced the Japanese culture at work but also in the everyday life.

IIJ gave me the opportunity to work on a “hands-on” project with the right mix of research and application in network monitoring. The project focused on implementing a technique to monitor path quality between two network points, the biggest challenge is the goal to monitor even gigabit links, this means that performance and optimization are key factors.

I worked close with Cristel Pelsser and Kenjiro Cho, who were really helpful and our discussions really interesting, their comments and insight helped me on the project as well in my personal development as future researcher. I loved the mentoring style of the internship, where the mentor gives you insight and tips, but you are in charge of your project. The best part is that I will continue to collaborate on this project even if I am done with the internship.

An honorable mention goes to Naoko Kitamura, who made my life in Japan so much easier, helping me from the visa to the accommodation and the bank account. Doing these things by myself with no knowledge of the Japanese language what so ever would have been really challenging if not impossible. The is a great part of the whole internship experience because take out of your plate almost all the bureaucratic and logistic part.

Tokyo is an amazing city where are living more than 10 million of people, but because amazing public transportation you do not feel it at all (except in the subway during the rush hours), people are friendly and ready to help even if they do not understand a word of english.

P.S. Do not be scare about not knowing any Japanese, you can survive 2 months and even if the research in cutting edge and people at IIJ are really smart they are ready to explain whatever you need.

Antoine Fressancourt (2015年)

During Summer 2015, I had the honor to join IIJ's innovation Institute for a research internship as part of my PhD. During this internship, I worked on the evaluation of path diversity in the Internet at the PoP level with Cristel Pelsser, Randy Bush and I had the opportunity to discuss my work with all the researchers at IIJ Innovation Institute. During this internship, I have been in a very stimulating environment, where my ideas have been challenged and where I benefited from very valuable feedback. Besides, I have had the impression to become part of the team during those two months. I learnt a lot through the discussions with my colleagues, both from a professional and from a personal perspective.

Discovering Japan and its culture was also a major part of the experience, and being there in the summer allowed me to discover the festivals and fireworks that are a rather unknown side of the Japanese culture (at least from my perspective).

Overall, I would strongly recommend applying for an internship at IIJ Innovation Institute, as this experience has been very rich and insightful for me.

Minoru Kanatsu (Year 2015)

In 2015, I participated in the IIJ-II's summer internship program. I worked on a cloud infrastructure technology supervised by Yojiro Uo and Hideaki Nii, especially how to use massive number of instances in a cloud. Now, various services depend on cloud infrastructure technologies. I think the base of cloud infrastructure - for example, OS, networking, scheduling, etc - gets more important. IIJ has knowledge of cloud infrastructure and tries to develop advanced technologies.

I tackled an exciting problem with good environment during summer. Good office, living place in Tokyo, cost for traveling, all needed were provided by IIJ-II. Our mentors were great researchers and very kind. Having chance to discuss with great researchers contributed to my research and career. Other internship students were also smart people. Talking with them was a good study for me.

I appreciate IIJ-II to give me a chance of joining the internship program. If I get that chance once more, I would join it again.

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