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Cloud Technology


Cloud computing technology is being deployed as fundamental technology to build services on top of the Internet infrastructure, however, there are still a lot of technical challenges. We are working on solving the technical problems of the current cloud systems and researching coordinated distributed cloud and super distributed cloud technology to prepare the future demands of cloud computing.

Our Activities

We are working on the following topics.

Storage Technology for Virtual Machine Images

Virtualization is a technology to use one physical computer as multiple virtual computers, or use a set of multiple computers as one virtual computer. For more efficient utilization of virtualization technology, we need to allocate adequate computing resources to where such computing resource is demanded.

The storage resource is one of the most difficult kind of resources to place or replace because the size of the resource is usually large and is the final location that all the data are accumulated. We are working on a storage system applicable for a wide area datacenter operation to enable flexible location and relocation of virtual machines.

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