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Kenjiro CHO Photo

Research Director
Kenjiro CHO

The Internet is global, folks!

My research focus is on understanding network dynamics from a global view, which contributes to turning the Internet into a simpler, more flexible and more dependable communication infrastructure.

Kazuhiko YAMAMOTO Photo

Senior Researcher

Practice makes perfect.

Continuity to make really usefull things little by little.


Senior Researcher

The Internet for your life.

My research focus is on Advanced network management for new style Internet life.

Yojiro UO Photo

Senior Researcher
Yojiro UO

Integrate "real-space" and "cyber-space"

"Real-space Internetworking" is current research target. I am forcusing a combination of "Internetworking", "computation" and "robotics" technologies to enhance our usual life.

Keiichi SHIMA Photo

Senior Researcher
Keiichi SHIMA

Internet As A Computer

Researching IPv6 host and network mobility technology for the coming all un-wired IPv6 Internet.

Randy BUSH Photo

Senior Researcher
Randy BUSH

The Internet is like love, you only get as much as you give.

My focus is on making the internet reliable, secure, and fun, to give the user the best experience for the long term.

Romain FONTUGNE Photo

Senior Researcher

Look for differences in similarities and similarities in differences.

The focus of my research is on Internet measurements, traffic analysis and network security.

Hajime Tazaki Photo

Senior Researcher
Hajime Tazaki

discover new values through the past studies.

I'm working on network architecture stuffs from protocol design, analysis to implementation and deployment (hopefully :-)).

Megumi NINOMIYA Photo


Investigating the evolution of Web

My research focus is the analysis of characteristic and behavior in Web services.

Hideaki Nii Photo

Hideaki Nii

Connecting Human to Human by the network

Researching Human Computer Interface technology for the cloud computing.

Hiroshi ABE Photo

Hiroshi ABE

Effective control for complicated cloud computing infrastructure

My research focuses on technology that constructs cloud computing infrastructure and network architecture.

Tomonori IZUMIDA Photo

Tomonori Izumida

Binary code analysis for malware.

I am working on research for analysing a unknown binary code program to reconstruct its control flow by using both static and dynamic methods.

Matthieu Coudron Photo

Matthieu COUDRON

There is no single way.

Experiments on multipath protocols so that multipath always beats single path.

Eiiti WADA Photo

Research Advisor
Eiiti WADA

Think recursively, write functionally

Conducted the developments of Wadalab fonts and the Happy Hacking Keyboard. Many hours are now consumed in programming for drawing pictures.

Past Researchers

Cristel PELSSER Photo


Distribution is key to the Internet's robustness

The focus of my research is on protocols, data distribution and distributed computation as drivers for new services.

Jean LORCHAT Photo


Who wants to immerse in a pervasive Internet?

The Internet is becoming closer to a pervasive technology everyday. But it takes more than ubiquity to provide complete immersion.

Young J. WON Photo

Young J. WON

Understanding Internet dynamics

My focus is on measuring, modeling, and understanding the Internet traffic dynamics.

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