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Keiichi SHIMA Senior Researcher

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Senior Researcher
Keiichi SHIMA

Internet As A Computer

Researching IPv6 host and network mobility technology for the coming all un-wired IPv6 Internet.

Research Topics

Evolution of new communication technogies will change our communication style drastically. Internet made big change in our life. It connects most of computers on the earth each other and we archived the most biggest computer network we ever had. The IP (Internet Protocol) technology is mainly designed for stationally nodes which do not move frequently. Recent advancement of wireless communication technologies is now changing the old style communication model. We need to investigate to support larger number of wired/unwired nodes are interconnected each other using various kind of communication technologies. We are researching to support the future huge computer network using the next generation IP protocol (IPv6) and mobility technologies.

Professional Activity






  • Hirochika Asai, Michael MacFaden, Juergen Schoenwaelder, Keiichi Shima, and Tina Tsou, "Management Information Base for Virtual Machines Controlled by a Hypervisor", RFC7666 , October, 2015.



Technical Reports

Misc Presentation Slides

  • Keiichi Shima, Hiroshi Abe, Daisuke Miyamoto, Tomohiro Ishihara, Kazuya Okada, Yuji Sekiya, "URL Classification using BoF of URL bitstream", Extended Abstract Session of Conference on Future Internet (CFI'17 Extended Abstract Session), June 15, 2017.
  • Keiichi Shima, "Location-Aware Distributed Virtual Disk Storage For OpenStack", CloudOpen Europe 2014, October 15, 2014. (Slides)
  • Keiichi Shima, "Wireless Internet", CJK FI Workshop, November 29, 2011. (Slides)
  • Keiichi Shima, Futoshi Sasaki, and Koji Ando, "How We Use Identifiers and What We Expect Them to be", The Asia Future Internet 2010 Winter School, February 24, 2010. (Slides)
  • Keiichi Shima, "IP layer mobility operation and beyond", The Second Asia Future Internet School, January 14, 2009. (Slides)
  • Keiichi Shima, "Nautilus6 Summary", KT WIDE Workshop, June 16, 2008. (Slides)
  • Keiichi Shima, "Public Home Agent Service", MIP6 WG, 69th IETF, July 24, 2007. (Slides)
  • Keiichi Shima, "Toward the IPv6 Mobile Internet", 7th TWNIC IP OPM, November 23, 2006. (Slides)
  • Keiichi Shima, "Implementation and Operation of Mobility in WIDE", 14th KRnet2006, Seoul, June 28, 2006. (slides)
  • Keiichi Shima, "Enabling IPv4 access over IPv6 mobility", NEMO WG, 64th IETF, Vancouver, November 9, 2005. (slides)
  • Keiichi Shima, "Life with IPv6", Journe'e Cohabitation IPv4-IPv6, February 16, 2005. (slides)
  • Keiichi Shima, "Route Optimization hint option", MIP6 WG, 58th IETF, November 10, 2003. (slides)
  • Keiichi Shima, "IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6)", APNIC meeting, September 3, 2002. (slides)
  • Keiichi Shima, "KAME Mobile IPv6 (MIP6)", APNIC meeting, August 11, 2001. (slides)


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