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Yojiro UO Senior Researcher

Yojiro UO Photo

Senior Researcher
Yojiro UO

Integrate "real-space" and "cyber-space"

"Real-space Internetworking" is current research target. I am forcusing a combination of "Internetworking", "computation" and "robotics" technologies to enhance our usual life.

Research Area

  • Auto-ID technologies, to add identifiers to every objects in the world
  • Real-space Internetworking
  • Trafic engineering, MPLS (Ayame Project)


Past activities (2003/4-)



  • Use of RFID at large-scale events
    Yusuke KAWAKITA, Yojiro UO, Osamu NAKAMURA, Jun MURAI, IATSS RESEARCH, Vol.29, No.1, pp.31-39, May 2005
  • White paper: Internet and Auto-ID Architecture
    Yojiro UO, Yuusuke KAWAKITA, Hisakazu HADA, Osamu NAKAMURA, Jun MURAI, Auto-ID Center White Paper Series, AUTOID-KEI-WH002, Oct 2003
  • White paper: Field Trial: Publishing of Auto-ID Enabled Book
    Hisakazu HADA, Yuusuke KAWAKITA, Yojiro UO, Osamu NAKAMURA, Jun MURAI, Auto-ID Center White Paper Series, AUTOID-KEI-WH001, Oct 2003
  • AYAME: A design and implementation of the CoS capable MPLS layer for BSD Network stack
    Yojiro UO, Satoshi Uda, Nobuo Ogashiwa, Satoshi Ohta, Yoichi Shinoda, INET2000, ISOC, Jul 2000

Conferences / Workshops

  • An Operational Demonstration of a Mobile Network with a Fairly Large Number of Nodes
    Keiichi Shima, Uo Yojiro, Nobuo Ogashiwa and Satoshi Uda, International Symposium on Applications and the Internet Workshop (SAINTW'06), pp.6-9, January 27, 2006.(slides)
  • Ecosystem of Naming Systems: Discussions on a Framework to Induce Smart Space Naming Systems Development.
    Yusuke DOI, Shirou, WAKAYAMA, Masahiro ISHIYAMA, Satoshi OZAKI, Tomohiro ISHIHARA, Yojiro UO, Dependable and Sastainable P2P (DAS-P2P) Workshop, Vieena, 2006
  • BLAST-CAST: A bi-directional label switched multicasting
    Nobuo Ogashiwa, Yojiro Uo, Satoshi Uda, Yoichi Shinoda May 2002, International Workshop on Communications Quality and Reliability (CQR2002) Sponsored by IEICE communication society and IEEE communication society
  • IPv6 support on MPLS network: Experiences with 6PE approach
    Satoshi Uda, Nobuo Ogashiwa, Yojiro Uo, Yoichi Shinoda Jan 2003, (SAINT2003) Proceedings of SAINT2003 workshops, IEEE Computer Society


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