Since our establishment, we have pressed forward under the rallying cry of "sincerity toward the Internet." The once-in-a-century technological innovation of the Internet has forever changed the scope and scale of information distribution, and even altered the way we communicate.
The Internet's open and global nature has led to the creation of a wealth of services, and these have the potential to establish collective intelligence on a worldwide scale.
But while our lives continue to become more enriched and convenient through the Internet, falsification and criminal acts are a constant threat. We will sustain the innovative spirit and importance of our initiative while striving to create new value and bring about a more stress-free life.

We celebrated our 10th anniversary in June 2018. To mark this milestone, we will look ahead to the next 10 and 20 years with "Initiative" always in mind, and promote innovation to create the Internet of the future and contribute to society's development.
Your continued patronage is greatly appreciated.

President and Representative Director Kiyoshi Ishida