System research

The system based upon the Internet has been grown to the hugest platform which we have never seen before. With the various improvements on feature extensions, growth of users basis, and the performance gain of computers and network devices, we have developed various technologies which support the growth of the system. On the other hand, the original idea which was designed in a half-century ago has been thought as an outdated system, in which new requirements of cannot be satisfied by the original design, and discussed that we need to refresh, or re-design a system from scratch.

Our goal is to deeply look at issues in the current Internet system, and propose solutions by carefully analyzing and verifying the system, then proofing the solution throughout designs, implementations, and experiments. We then will give feedback to the (Internet) system toward keep being an innovative platform.

Library Operating System subproject

Operating system (OS) is a heart of information technology and has been improved its ability and performance as the advance of underlying technology with various contributions. The purpose of OS is being brain of computers, in which various resources are consumed by various components. The brain behaves based on various policies with different objectives of services running on computers. Although research and development of OS has a long history and OS and its implementation of kernel, which is a core part of OS, is already a matured technology, there are still issues with the current usage of OS in newly introduced use cases. Our motivation in library operating system project is to offer a matured operating system in the different environment by not using machine virtualization in order to be more agile and flexible software library.

Transport protocol subproject

The traffic volume of the Internet has been grown with the advance of Web contents in past decades, but it is not possible to satisfy the requirements of today’s various applications with a simple metric of bandwidth as there are various aspects of requirements. For instance, mobile devices have to offer seamless handoff mechanism of transport channel during its movement, or voice recognition service should provide responsive messages instead of high bandwidth. To meet such new requirements, our goal is to develop and investigate new transport protocol; especially we look at two protocols, Multipath TCP and QUIC, and support its advance of network traffic by analysis, designs, implementations, and experimentations in a loop so that our activity will contribute to the Internet.