Deputy Director, Research Laboratory

Keiichi SHIMA

Intelligence evolution with the Internet
The Internet extended the way how we communicate. In next phase, it will extend the way how we know, experience, think and do.

Research Topics

Evolution of new communication technogies will change our communciation style drastically. In that sense, the Internet made a big change in our life. It connects most of computers on the Earth each other and we achieved the most biggest computer network we didn't have ever before.

We are now in the phase to change the way how we operate and use computers. The computers are not just calculators inter-connected each other, but they are a kind of a virtual computer serving various applications utilizing many inter-connected computers as components for the services. The Internet is changing its role from as an interconnection technology to a core component of the Internet-scale computing. The Internet is a computer now.

We have been extending our ability using new technologies. The Internet expanded our reachability in communication. Cloud and IoT technologies expanded our sensing and actuating abilities to reach remote eyes and hands. The Internet-scale computer will expand how we think and how we act, that means it extends our intelligence.

We are working on researching to build the Internet-scale computing environment to realize the Internet of Intelligence.






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Technical Reports


Magazine Articles

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Misc Presentation Slides

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