Senior Researcher


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I'm working on network architecture stuffs from protocol design, analysis to implementation and deployment (hopefully :-)).

Research Topics

I am a Senior Researcher at IIJ laboratory, Japan since 2016, working on network architecture stuff from protocol design, analysis to implementation and deployment (hopefully :-). I obtained PhD degree in Media and Governance from Keio University in 2011 for mobile network architecture.
My main research interests are the Internet, especially freeform networks, mobile network architectures, ad hoc networks, network experimental stuffs, and distributed systems.

  • Internet
  • Library operating system
  • Network architecture
  • Software testing
  • Network simulation

Professional Activities

  • Workshop on ns-3 (WNS3) 2017 (TPC), 2016, 2015 (TPC co-chair), 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 (TPC)
  • Linux netdev conference series 1.2 (Linux netdev 1.2), (Organization co-chair)
  • Internet Conference (IC) 2016 (TPC co-chair)
  • AsiaFI 2012 Summer school (PC Chair)
  • Asia Workshop on Future Internet Technologies (AWFIT 2011) TPC
  • AsiaFI 2010 Winter School student TPC Chair


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Refereed Conferences, Workshops, Academic Journals

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Miscellaneous (Thesis, Poster, Demonstration, etc)

  1. Motomu Utsumi, Hajime Tazaki, Hiroshi Esaki, /dev/stdpkt: A Service Chaining Architecture with Pipelined Operating System Instances in a Unix Shell, ACM APSys 2017 (poster)
  2. Takeshi Matsuya,Hajime Tazaki, Yohei Kuga, Rodney Van Meter, and Osamu Nakamura. FPGA based low-latency IPv6 Route Lookup Using Dynamic XOR Table. ACM APsys 2015 (poster session), 2015
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